Searchable Hometown Inventories

I have created searchable lists of every single available vital record for some of my ancestral hometowns. Search for your ancestor's name and follow the instructions to recreate the URL where you will find the image. Click to enlarge the image, then right-click to download the enlarged image.

Baselice, Benevento Vital Records, 1809–1942:

Colle Sannita, Benevento Vital Records, 1809–1942:

Santa Paolina, Avellino, Vital Records, 1809–1942:

Italian Family Tree

All my ancestors came from a relatively small portion of Southern Italy. My ancestry is so condensed that my parents are DNA matches to one another.

Here are my ancestral hometowns:

  • My Paternal Ancestral Hometowns
    • Colle Sannita, Benevento home of my father's father and almost all his ancestors. Also home of my father's mother's paternal ancestors. Last names in my Colle Sannita family include Iamarino, Pilla, Zeolla, d'Emilia, Iapozzuto, delGrosso, Basilone, Cerrone, and Viscio.
    • Pesco Sannita, Benevento, formerly Pescolamazza, home of my father's mother's mother. Last names in my Pesco Sannita family include Caruso, Girardi, Pennucci, deNigris, Martino, d'Amico, Tricarico, Inglese, and deSimio.
    • Circello, Benevento, original home of my 3rd great grandfather who settled in Colle Sannita. My Circello family names are Liguori and Caruso.

  • My Maternal Ancestral Hometowns
    • Baselice, Benevento, home of my mother's father and all his ancestors. Last names in my Baselice family include Leone, Iammucci, Pisciotti, Petruccelli, Italiano, and Cece.
    • Pastene, Benevento, a hamlet of Sant'Angelo a Cupolo, home of my mother's mother's parents. Last names in my Pastene family include Sarracino, Saviano, Muollo, and Ucci.
    • Santa Paolina, Avellino, home of my 2nd great grandmother and her paternal ancestors. Last names in my Santa Paolina family include Consolazio, Ricciardelli, deLuca, deSantolo, Fuccillo, Ciampi, and Leone.
    • Apice, Benevento, home of my 3rd great grandmother and her ancestors. Last names in my Apice family include Zullo, Trancuccio, and Montenigro.

Contact me if these towns or last names mean anything to you.