DiAnn and Paul's Italian Honeymoon

Paul planned every step in our honeymoon, taking full advantage of public transit and relying on the great advice of Rick Steve's guidebook. We travelled the country from top to bottom.


Varenna is in northwestern Italy on Lake Como. Be sure to wave to George Clooney. View photos


Venice is in northeastern Italy. View photos


In the region of Tuscany, Siena is a walled city near Florence. View photos


Florence is the artistic center of Italy. View photos


Now we're in southern Italy, looking out at the Bay of Naples at the Isle of Capri. View photos


Pompeii is an easy train ride from Sorrento but it feels like another world. View photos


East of Naples, Benevento is a province and a city in the south central part of Italy. My entire family, all branches, comes from here. View photos


Rome is spectacular. We visited it again in April 2005 while they were busy choosing the next pope. It was a long time before I realized Americans were calling him Benedict and not Benedetto. View photos