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Bugs Bunny Cartoons Sorted by Title

Title Year Director Characters Synopsis
A-Lad-In His Lamp1948McKimson, RobertGenieBugs finds Aladdin's lamp, rubs it, and a genie (voiced by Jim Backus) appears. They fly to Bagdad where Bugs must fight a ruler to keep his lamp. Bugs wishes for a harem then wonders "what the poor rabbits are doing this season."
Acrobatty Bunny1946McKimson, Robert
A circus comes to town and parks Nero the Lion's cage on top of Bugs' rabbit hole. Nero sniffs and sniffs until he decides it's a rabbit down there. Bugs comes up and tortures the lion, ending with a trapeze act and the lion getting blown up in a cannon.
Baseball Bugs1946Freleng, I.
Bugs watches a baseball game in which the Gas House Gorillas are creaming the Tea Totalers. He heckles the Gorillas, who finally force him to play. Bugs takes over every position in the baseball game and wins.
Bewitched Bunny1954Freleng, I.Witch HazelBugs rescues Hansel and Gretel from Witch Hazel by posing as a truant officer. Bugs walks off with Hazel after she's transformed into a gorgeous female bunny.
Big House Bunny1950Freleng, I.Yosemite SamHiding out from hunters, Bugs tunnels into Sing Song Prison where he meets prison guard Sam Schultz. He spends the rest of the cartoon trying to get out, and getting Sam in trouble.
Big Snooze, The1946Clampett, RobertElmer FuddElmer is so totally fed up with chasing and never catching Bugs that he quits. He rips up his contract and makes sure Mr. Warner knows he's quitting. He decides to go fishing instead of hunting. That's when Bugs invades his technicolor nightmare.
Bill of Hare1962McKimson, RobertTazmanian DevilWhen Taz puts Bugs in his stew pot, Bugs pretends to be an old man with a white (soap) beard, a woman in a shower, and a drowning victim. Bugs feeds Taz dynamite before the devil is put in a zoo.
Buccaneer Bunny1948Freleng, I.Yosemite SamPirate Sam is burying his treasure in a hole, but the chest pops back out and there is Bugs wearing all the jewels. Bugs disguises himself as Capt. Bligh, fooling Sam into following his orders. Gags include the match-in-the-gunpowder-room bluff.
Buckaroo Bugs1944Clampett, RobertRed Hot RyderBrooklyn's famous fighting cowboy Red Hot Ryder travels west to defeat the Masked Marauder, who's been stealing carrots. The villain is none other than Bugs Bunny.
Bugs and Thugs1954Freleng, I.Rocky and MugsyBugs thinks he's getting into a cab, but it's a bank robbery getaway car. The thieves think they're taking Bugs "for a ride," but Bugs winds up getting them captured.
Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears1944Jones, Charles M.Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby BearBugs "makes like Goldilocks" when he stumbles upon the three bears' cottage in the woods. My favorite part is Mama Bear's seduction of Bugs. "Tell me more about my eyes!"
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips1944Freleng, I.
Has anyone seen this one? It's World War II, so Bugs gives some Japanese characters a really hard time. It's so un-PC that we may never see it again. One Japanese solider recognizes Bugs as a celebrity and says, "What's up, honorable doc?"
Bugs Bunny Rides Again1948Freleng, I.Yosemite SamSam is the "roughest, toughest he-man hombre that's ever crossed the Rio Grande - and I don't mean Mahatma Ghandi!" He wants to know if anyone aims to tame him. Bugs imitates Gary Cooper and says, "I aims ta." A series of gags follows.
Bully For Bugs1953Jones, Charles M.BullBugs is tunneling his way to a carrot festival when a wrong turn puts him in the middle of a bullfighting arena. He's consulting his map as he notices an angry bull breathing down his back. "Stop steamin' up my tail! You'll wrinkle it." The battle begins.
Case of the Missing Hare1943Jones, Charles M.Ala BamaMagician Ala Bama is nailing signs for his show all over the forest, covering Bugs' hole in a tree. After getting a pie in the face, Bugs declares war. He ruins the magician's act every way possible.
Corny Concerto, A1943Clampett, RobertElmer Fudd, Porky PigElmer Fudd hosts an evening at Corny-Gee Hall. This is a two-part cartoon. In the first part Porky hunts for Bugs to the music of "A Tale of the Vienna Woods." The second part is an ugly duckling story to the music of "The Blue Danube."
Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare1964McKimson, RobertTazmanian DevilThe Tazmanian Devil scares all the jungle animals except Bugs. Bugs poses as a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a nurse who delivers Taz's baby: a Frankenstein monster.
Easter Yeggs1947McKimson, RobertElmer Fudd, Easter BunnyThe Easter Bunny is dead tired and needs a sucker to do his job for him. He convinces Bugs, who has to face a murderous Elmer Fudd and a brat with a family of hoodlums. You can't blame him when he blows up the Easter Bunny at the end.
Falling Hare1943Clampett, RobertGremlinBugs is on a military base reading "Victory Thru Hare Power." As he reads about gremlins in disbelief, a gremlin gets the best of him. It's a rare case of Bugs being the victim, but all is well in the end when their crashing plane runs out of gas.
Feather in His Hare, A1948Jones, Charles M.IndianBugs is hunted by a dopey Indian who ties him to a stake, but Bugs hops away and pelts the Indians with snowballs (in July). The Indian tries to give Bugs a "hare cut and scalp treatment" but Bugs comes out on top.
Forward March Hare1953Jones, Charles M.
Bugs is drafted into the Army by mistake. Somehow no one notices the short soldier with enormous feet for a long time. Eager to serve his country, Bugs takes a job testing bombs to find the duds.
Fresh Hare1942Freleng, I.Elmer FuddElmer Fudd is a Mountie in search of Bugs, who's wanted dead or alive "Preferably Dead!" He's no match for Bugs, who evades him. Bugs is in front of a firing squad when everyone sings "Camptown Races" in blackface. This ending is not shown on tv anymore.
Gorilla My Dreams1948McKimson, Robert
Castaway Bugs arrives at Bingzi-Bangzi, Land of Ferocious Apes where a female gorilla insists he's her baby. He goes along with it, but his new papa hates the idea. Bugs endures papa's wrath until he wears him out.
Hair-Raising Hare1946Clampett, RobertEvil Scientist (Peter Lorre), Gossamer / Rudolph / MonsterEvil scientist Peter Lorre uses a mechanical rabbit to lure Bugs to his castle. Bugs kisses the robot, who falls apart, so Lorre convinces Bugs to meet his other friend, the big red hairy monster. He gives the monster a manicure and "cans" him in the end.
Hare Conditioned1945Jones, Charles M.
Bugs is a dept. store display, but the store mgr. plans to stuff and display him. He has to chase Bugs through every dept., changing costumes along the way. Bugs plays a woman buying shoes from him!
Hare Force1944Freleng, I.GrannyBugs appeals to the mercies of Granny's dog Sylvester on a freezing, snowy night. The dog lets Bugs in, but the rest of the evening they're tossing each other out into the cold. Finally Granny yells at them so much that they toss her out into the cold!
Hare Grows in Manhattan, A1947Freleng, I.
Bugs tells gossip columnist Lola Beverly about his days as a youth in New York. Bugs, a bit of a dandy in his silly suit, is confronted by tough dogs as he sings and dances down the street. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is the weapon that sends them packing.
Hare Remover1946Tashlin, FrankElmer FuddElmer is a scientist working on a formula to turn and ordinary woodland creature into a "devilish fiend". He tries it on a dog who gets sick. Then he tries it on Bugs and thinks he's turned him into a bear. Elmer must play dead when the bear attacks.
Hare Ribbin'1944Clampett, RobertRussian DogA dog with a Russian accent is hunting for a rabbit. Bugs gives him the usual hard time. A long sequence takes place underwater with Bugs dressed as a mermaid, then waiting on the dog as if in a restaurant. The dog is unnerved, to say the least!
Hare Splitter1948Freleng, I.Daisy Lou, CasbahBugs is preparing for a date with Daisy Lou, but so is Casbah, a big dumb rabbit. Bugs gets there first and Daisy Lou's not home, so he dresses like her and fools Casbah, giving him a pretty tough time. Bugs gets the girl in the end.
Hare Tonic1945Jones, Charles M.Elmer FuddElmer bring home Bugs to cook him, but Bugs makes Elmer think he has the dread disease Rabbititus and they are quarantined. He convinces Elmer he's turning into a rabbit!
Hare Trigger1945Freleng, I.Yosemite SamBugs' train is held up by bandit Yosemite Sam. Bugs makes Sam think he's been shot by dripping red ink on his head. Bugs is being dangled from the train at the end, tied up and weighed down by an anvil. "He don't know me very well, do he?"
Hare Trimmed1953Freleng, I.Yosemite Sam, EmmaSam courts widow Emma for her money, but Bugs knows what he's up to. Bugs also pretends to court Emma who hasn't seen this much action in years. Sam nearly marries Bugs.
Hare-Brained Hypnotist, The1942Freleng, I.Elmer FuddElmer decides to use hypnosis to capture animals. He makes a bear fly and sing like a canary. Bugs winds up making Elmer think he's a rabbit, but he gets hypnotized too. He takes off like a plane, saying, "I'm the B-19!"
Hare-Um Scare-Um1939Hardaway, Ben and Dalton, Cal
One of Bugs' earliest films, he's still that annoying pest with the Woody Woodpecker laugh.
Haredevil Hare1948Jones, ChuckMarvin MartianBugs is a test rabbit being blasted into outer space. He meets and foils Marvin Martian, who intends to blow up the earth.
Heckling Hare, The1941Avery, Fred
Bugs is pursued by a hunting dog with the familiar "Which way did he go, George?" voice. The dog thinks he's crushed Bugs and brings flowers to his grave. The film ends with Bugs and the dog falling off a cliff.
Herr Meets Hare1945Freleng, I.Hitler, Goering, StalinAnother one we may never see. Bugs makes that wrong turn in Albuquerque, winds up in Nazi Germany, and drives General Herman Goering out of his mind. Bugs imitates Hitler, till Hitler comes along and he then imitates Stalin.
High Diving Hare1949Freleng, I.Yosemite SamBugs is a barker at a circus luring people to see a high-diving act featuring Fearless Freep. When Freep is delayed, Sam forces Bugs to perform the act instead. Naturally, Bugs winds up making Sam fall off the diving platform.
Hillbilly Hare1950McKimson, Robert
Bugs gets in the middle of a Martin-McCoy feud in the Ozarks. In a grand finale, he calls a square dance that puts the hillbillies through the wringer.
Hot Cross Bunny1948McKimson, Robert
A doctor plans to put a chicken's brain into an experimental rabbit - Bugs. After a chase the doctor gives Bugs laughing gas and straps him to the operating table, but Bugs switches wires and the doctor gets the chicken brain.
Hyde and Hare1955Freleng, I.
Bugs goes home with a timid doctor who feeds him in the park. This Dr. Jekyll uses a formula to become the monster, Mr. Hyde. Bugs doesn't know they're the same person, and keeps getting caught with the monster.
Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk1943Freleng, I.GiantIn this retelling of the famous fairy tale, a dumb giant tries to match wits with Bugs Bunny. As if he has a chance! Includes the famous line, "Duh, he can't outsmart me 'cause I'm a moron."
Knight-Mare Hare1955Jones, Chuck
When an apple falls on Bugs' head, he's knocked into medieval times and immediately meets (and aggravates) The Black Knight. He also meets Merlin the Magician who transforms Bugs into different animals. At the end, Bugs isn't sure it was a dream.
Little Red Riding Rabbit1944Freleng, I.
Bugs is the rabbit Little Red is taking to her Grandma's house. When they get there, Bugs deals with the Big Bad Wolf, who eventually becomes his partner when they both so annoyed by Red.
Long-Haired Hare1949Jones, Charles M.Giovanni JonesBugs' singing and banjo playing annoys opera singer Giovanni Jones. When Jones wrecks Bugs' banjo, Bugs must get his revenge.
Mississippi Hare1949Jones, Charles M.
Bugs winds up on a riverboat where he tangles with an ornery Southern Colonel Shuffle.
My Bunny Lies Over the Sea1948Jones, Charles M.ScotsmanAnother wrong turn while tunneling puts Bugs in Scotland where he must wrestle a monster that's attacking an old lady. Oops, no, it's a Scotsman playing the bagpipes. McCrory challenges Bugs to a duel of sorts, playing golf.
Napoleon Bunny-part1956Freleng, Friz
Bugs burrows into Napoleon's HQ, thinking it's a theater lobby. Eventually he gets Napoleon taken away, presumably insane.
Old Grey Hare, The1944Clampett, RobertElmer FuddIn the year 2000, Bugs and Elmer reminisce about how they met as babies, and how long Elmer's been trying to catch that rabbit.
Rabbit Fire1951Jones, Charles M.Daffy Duck, Elmer FuddDaffy tries to get Bugs shot by Elmer in a war of words. When Elmer gets serious, Bugs and Daffy team up to trick him, posing as a woman and her dog.
Rabbit Punch1948Jones, Charles M.Champ/CrusherBugs is heckling the champ at a boxing match when the champ pulls him into the ring. In round 37 Bugs uses a giant slingshot and boulder, in round 98 they use a cannon and archer's bow, in round 110 Bugs is tied to RR tracks and the film breaks.
Rabbit Transit1947Freleng, I.Cecil TurtleBugs is taking a steam in a national park's hot springs, reading about the fabled tortoise and hare race. He's incensed! Cecil Turtle, also taking a steam, challenges Bugs to a fair race, but his shell is rocket-powered. Bugs is arrested for speeding.
Rabbit's Feat1960Jones, ChuckWile E. CoyoteBugs outwits Wile E. Coyote, who announces his plan to capture and eat the rabbit.
Rackateer Rabbit1946Freleng, I.Rocky and HugoOn a rainy night, Bugs makes himself at home in an abandoned house. His peace and quiet are shattered by gangsters on the lam: Edward G. Robinson (Rocky) and Peter Lorre (Hugo). Bugs hides Rocky in a trunk when the pretend police arrive. ("What a pal!")
Rhapsody Rabbit1946Freleng, I.
A nearly wordless cartoon, concert pianist Bugs Bunny gives a performance interrupted by battles with the mouse in the piano.
Robot Rabbit1953Freleng, I.Elmer FuddFarmer Fudd is fed up with Bugs' antics and orders a pest control robot from Acme. Bugs foils the robot, reducing him to a heap of nuts and bolts.
Slick Hare1947Freleng, I.Elmer Fudd, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren BacallElmer is the chef in a fany Mocrumbo nightclub where Humphrey Bogart orders fried rabbit. Elmer has no rabbit, so he must get Bugs into a pot. Bugs gets the best of him, then throws himself, howling and whistling, at Lauren Bacall.
Stage Door Cartoon1944Freleng, I.Elmer FuddBugs escapes from Elmer by running into a theater. He tricks Elmer into going onstage. Bugs gives him acting instructions from the pit. Elmer's arrested when his pants fall down.
Super Rabbit1943Jones, Charles M.Cottontail SmithBugs is a lab rabbit who becomes a super hero when he eats the professor's fortified carrot. He decides to do battle with Cottontail Smith who is running rabbits out of Texas. Bugs gets the best of Smith and his horse.
The Unruly Hare1945Tashlin, FrankElmer FuddElmer is a railroad surveyor disturbing Bugs in his tree stump home. Bugs pulls a series of gags to get Elmer out of the woods, including holding a match in front of the surveyor's scope to simulate a forest fire and exploding dynamite.
Tortoise Beats Hare1941Avery, FredCecil TurtleA tortoise bets Bugs he can beat him in a race, then tricks Bugs out of $10 by using a gang of lookalike turtles. Bugs reads all the opening credits and gets angry at the title.
Tortoise Wins By a Hare1943Clampett, RobertCecil TurtleSeeing footage from 1941's "Tortoise Beats Hare" enrages Bugs. Bugs cheats like crazy and loses the race because rabbit gangsters he hired beat him up instead of Cecil Turtle. Bugs is wearing a metal tortoise shell for that "streamlined design."
Wackiki Wabbit1943Jones, Charles M.
Two castaways are floating on a raft and starving. They're beginning to hallucinate when they finally see land. The first native they meet is Bugs Bunny, whom they want to eat. Bugs outwits them and winds up being rescued instead of them.
What's Cookin' Doc?1944Clampett, Robert
Bugs thinks he's a shoo-in for the Oscar and is irate when James Cagney wins. He demands a recount and shows some of his favorite movie clips. First he's mortified when he accidentally gives the projectionist a stag reel!