Benvenuto, miei cugini! Welcome, my cousins!

This site contains my ongoing Family Tree research. If you've ever visited or ever want to visit Italy, don't miss the Italian Honeymoon photos. Just for fun, the Bugs Bunny database can help you locate a particular cartoon by its description, director, year, or other characters. And because I'm an independent contractor specializing in high-volume websites, I offer my Résumé.

I'm always eager to find new cousins, no matter how distant, so if any of the last names or town names on this site seem familiar to you, write to me at, and see my LinkedIn profile.

Now Offering Italian Ancestry Services

I've built up such a wealth of Italian ancestry knowledge, I want to share it with other Italian descendants. To find out how I can break through your brick wall, read what I have to offer you.

I love Italian vital records!

Genealogy Best Practices Blog

I'm pleased to share my Fortify Your Family Tree blog which discusses proven genealogy best practices. As genealogists we do so much work. It's important to create a true legacy that will live on and on.

Fortify Your Family Tree blog